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How To Raise Difficult Issues With Your Partner

how to raise difficult issues with your partner

Is there something going on in your relationship that’s bothering you? Are you unsure how to address it? Firstly, by looking for a way to talk about it, you’re doing the right thing. John Gottman has been doing research with

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Do I Need Counselling?

Do I Need Counselling?

“Do I need counselling?” It’s a question lots of people ask themselves at one time or another. Maybe you have been through a tough time lately. Or maybe you just haven’t been feeling great. There are lots of reasons to

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Assertiveness Counselling

Assertiveness Counselling Brighton

Are you looking for assertiveness counselling Brighton? Or perhaps you want to understand assertiveness better. Often I find in my counselling work that clients feel unclear or confused about where the boundaries lie between passivity, assertiveness and aggression. What is

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Self-Care: What to do

Often I work with clients who have been struggling with depression and/or anxiety for a long time. Maybe you have felt like this too, been in survival mode, feeling like you’re all over the place, just about coping, managing to

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The Three People That Make Up You

One of the ways that counselling works is by offering a framework for you to make sense of yourself, your life and your difficulties. Finding out about yourself can help you feel better about yourself, which is often one of

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What Will I Get From Counselling?

Lots of people think about it for a while before they decide to contact a counsellor. You know it will take up time, and cost money, and although you must be feeling some discomfort or pain or you probably wouldn’t be

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Book Recommendation: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Daring Greatly

I’ve been a fan of Brené Brown since I first saw her TED talk The Power of Vulnerability. Brené is a research professor and storyteller with a background in social work whose research and writing mostly focuses on vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and

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How Sensitive Are You?

Lots of people who find themselves looking for a counsellor or therapist have been told, or thought themselves, that they are very sensitive, perhaps even too sensitive. They are often amazed to discover that High Sensitivity (or Sensory Processing Sensitivity)

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BACP Registered Counsellor in Brighton and Hove

Registered MBACP

I am pleased to announce that having passed my certificate of proficiency I am now a BACP registered counsellor Brighton, a fully registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. So… what does that mean? Well, the BACP

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Self Care Expertise Session in Brighton

Self Care

Last week I attended a One Girl Band expertise session hosted by Lola Hoad on the subject of self care. The session was presented by Dionne Elizabeth, self care expert Brighton, from Changing the Menu. Dionne creates art, music and wellness projects and promised

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