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Thinking About Depression: Are You Using Your Time To Get What You Need?

Thinking About Depression

When I think about depression and low moods, and how to find a way out of them, I look at at three things: feelings, thoughts and actions.

As an integrative counsellor I consider both the causes of depression and the approach to getting better from a number of angles.

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The Three People That Make Up You

One of the ways that counselling works is by offering a framework for you to make sense of yourself, your life and your difficulties. Finding out about yourself can help you feel better about yourself, which is often one of the main aims of people coming for counselling. Most people also find that the better able they are to understand themselves,

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What Will I Get From Counselling?

Lots of people think about it for a while¬†before they decide to contact a counsellor. You know it will take up time, and cost money. Although you must be feeling some discomfort or pain or you probably wouldn’t be looking, questions hang over you: What will I get from counselling?

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