Your First Counselling Session

If you are interested in trying counselling, the first step is to contact me. You are welcome to get in touch by phone or email using either the form or address listed here. Please use whichever method you are most comfortable with to arrange your first counselling session.

I will get back to you as soon as possible – usually the same or next day. At this point we will usually have a brief discussion about what has led you to get in touch and how I might be able to help, by phone or email.

If I am able to help, I will let you know when I am available for us to meet. I will usually be able to offer you one or two possibilities over the next week or so.

If I am not able to help for any reason, or we cannot find a time that works for us both, I will suggest what you could do next. That might include visiting your GP, or contacting a trusted and respected colleague who might have availability at a time to suit you, or who I feel will be better able to help.

If we do arrange to meet, I will send you clear instructions by text or email. You will know how to get to the location, when to arrive, and what to do when you get there.

First Counselling SessionYour First Counselling Session

I will meet you at the agreed time and do my best to put you at ease if you are feeling nervous.

We will sit opposite each other and talk as equals. If you’re picturing a psychoanalyst’s couch like you’ve seen on TV, you might be disappointed!

My aim for the first counselling session is for us to find out whether we both feel that I will be able to help you. First I will give you a brief explanation of how I work. Then I will ask you what has brought you to counselling, and why now.

The first session is very much a two-way street and you are welcome to ask me anything you feel it might be helpful for you to know.

Sessions last for fifty minutes and it’s my job to manage the time. There will be some time to reflect at the end of the session. But you will be under no pressure to decide then what you want to do next.

You might decide then that you want to start regular sessions, in which case we will make another appointment. Or if you prefer, you can take some time to think about it.

If you decide you would like to start working together, you are welcome to get in touch at any time. Equally if you decide I’m not right for you, I will still be happy to make a recommendation as to where you might go next.

If you have any questions that this has not answered, or you would like to book an initial appointment, my contact details are here.