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What’s The Problem With Your Relationship?

Relationship Problems

Every couple experiences relationship problems. And sometimes when you’re going through a rough patch it can be difficult to work out exactly what the problem is.

Here are six statements that you will have heard or said about relationship problems, and some new perspective on them that might help things feel a little less stuck.

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Couples Counselling: Beyond Conflict Resolution

Beyond Conflict Resolution

When I ask couples what they want to get from counselling, their top two wishes are usually to improve communication, and to stop arguing so much. They just want to get on better. And couples counselling can really help with that. But to make a lasting difference,

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Separation Counselling: Why “Shall We Go For Counselling Or Split Up?” Is The Wrong Question

Separation Counselling

What is separation counselling? Isn’t couples counselling all about making it work?

If your relationship has broken down, you might be considering your options. Perhaps you have been thinking about trying couples counselling. On the other hand, maybe you feel like it’s too late to go for counselling together,

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Thinking About Depression: Are You Using Your Time To Get What You Need?

Thinking About Depression

When I think about depression and low moods, and how to find a way out of them, I look at at three things: feelings, thoughts and actions.

As an integrative counsellor I consider both the causes of depression and the approach to getting better from a number of angles.

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Why Talking Therapy? Book Recommendation: Emotional Agility by Susan David

Talking therapy like counselling is still a bit of a mystery to many people. You might have questions like: Does talking therapy work? How? I feel terrible! How will talking about how bad I feel possibly make me feel better?

I recently read a fantastic book by Susan David,

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